Halloween Has Hit Club Penguin Cheat World!

Halloween is now LESS than a month away!  Can you believe it!?  Halloween is an amazing time where people dress up in awesome costumes, and go door-to-door getting CANDY!  People decorate their houses, buildings, shops, etc., so why not decorate WEBSITES!?

I have put up an entire Halloween theme, which I can tell by the comments that most of you love!  I've...

1. Put up a Halloween header
2. Changed the colours A LOT and made them Halloween-ish
3. Changed the background
4. Took down the buttons above the header... THEY WEREN'T SPOOKY!
5. Halloween MUSIC from Club Penguin is playing!

It looks really cool, in my opinion!  BUT WAIT!  That's not all!  Every few days, some shadows will be creeping up around the site... do you think you'll be able to find them?

THEN, on Halloween day, there will be a BIG candy hunt all around this website!  The prize will be pretty cool, I'm not sure exactly what it will be YET, but the contest will be really fun! (In my opinion, at least! =D)

Are you guys excited?  What do you think about the Halloween updates on the site?

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Fuzzy ShyIvy said...

I know what's "creeping up" but I shall zip my mouth and throw the spider key away XD

slippeestars said...

awsome i did the same thing to my blog few days ago can you check it out?

Pirate Yarr1 said...

How do I put a header?

Pirate Yarr1 said...

Slidoo how do u make a banner for the title of ur blog and how do u make a background for ur blog?

Zack said...



Nayr11 said...

Hey Slidoo! How do you add CP music like that? I NEED TO!

Zoeyuluv said...

Woah this is really cool! I absolutely love it soooO much!

Ppppookie said...

Slidoo! You know that girl who stole from you, Tahlia127. Well she is CONTINUEING to do so! It HAS to stop! She says I helped her, but I ABSOLUTELY did not, 100% Truth!