Screenhog On The Halloween Igloo Contest!

Screenhog posted!  He says that he's REALLY excited for this Halloween igloo contest, and that the saving igloos feature that was added last month should come in handy!

Wow, Screenhog!  That's an... INTERESTING... Halloween igloo you've got there! 

Let me know how you're gonna decorate your igloo for Halloween, ok?  I wanna see what you all are gonna do, maybe we can even have a contest for it?  ;-]

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RC-1220 said...

Oh birdy banned me forever cause she said im fluffygood. Which i am but i didnt tell her that me and u are buds.



RC-1220 said...


Birdy should not be a Mod or an owner. She has kicked to many times for no reason. And she banned me forever because she thinks that i hacked to get unbanned.

RC-1220 said...


Im sooo sorry but birdy squeezed the spy plan and told everyone about it! DEOWN BIRDY! SHE TORTURED ME AND TOLD EVERYONE OUR PLAN!

Zack said...

ROFL! Wow ScreenHog.....just uh nice. xD

I think I'm going to make mine with a big colored egg and hmmm oh oh and dress up as a bunny and paint some eggs. lol.


Syka333 said...

Hey Slidoo, it's Syka333. Do you remember me from Mimo777's site, Club Penguin Gang? I was just wondering if you knew how to get in touch with Hnwjanuary11. I haven't seen her much and I wanted to invite her (and you) to my 1000 day old party.
Date: Thursday, October 21
Server: Icicle
Time: 3:00 PST
Room: My Iggy
See ya! ~Syka333