New Cart Surfer Stamps!

Today Club Penguin has released even MORE stamps!  This time, for my favourite game, Cart Surfer!  Check it out...

Lots of new stamps!  Let's see... looks like a backflip one, one with a black puffle, some coin stamps, and lots more!  You should log on and check them out!  How many stamps have YOU earned so far?

Oh... and also, iSlidoo is back!  However, it's SLIGHTLY different... you should go check it out ;-]

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ฬคltlє said...

Its me Waltle I ould like to take part in islidoo!

Patrick1661 said...

Hey slidoo.
I found a cool glitch, im not sure if u know it but i found this one.
1: go to the dock and go to the right path beside the town.
2: walk over to the left side of the speed boat abd open your news paper while walking.
and look at your self you are reading the paper but your penguin isent holding it.
I hope this is new too you.