Halloween Igloo Reviewed By You!

Last week Club Penguin wanted to know our Halloween igloo designing tips, and Buttercup19 told them...

For the Halloween igloo contest I like to decorate my igloo like a haunted mansion. I usually cover my floor with red carpets and use a lot of medieval decorations. My favorite decoration is the painting with the eyes that follow your mouse,creepy but cool! I also like the cauldron and the spider webs because they are also really spooky. But the things you can have a haunted house without are jack-o-lanterns!

This week Club Penguin wants to hear what our first party that we remember in Club Penguin is!  Mine is the Christmas Party 2006!  It was AWESOME!  The entire island was covered with thick layers of snow, and lights were all over the island!  There were some free items, and it was really fun!  I joined Club Penguin during that time, so it was even EXTRA special!  What about you?  Remember to tell them YOUR review, because they'll add 10,000 coins to your account!  Click here to tell them your review!

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