Field-Op #18 Guide!

It's Tuesday, which means there's a new Field-Op out!  To begin, go to the Command Room, as usual!

...And just like you do every week, walk up to the Field-Ops screen, and click it!

Now accept your mission and head over to the Dock!

Stand where I am standing, and your spy phone will start ringing.  Answer it!
Now click engage, and start the puzzle!  Instructions: Roll your mouse over 1 of the red dots and the symbol will show up bigger!  Click on it and find the matching dot, then click it!  Do this until all dots have been clicked!  If you do it within one minute, you win.
Yay!  You now have completed the new Field-Op!  You get one medal to spend on the awesome Elite Gear!

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ฬคltlє said...

Umm slidoo that is not the new field op. Its the matching one. I have done it on 3 penguins! Go to smash buddies to se the right one!