Club Penguin's 5th Anniversary Party CHEATS!

WOOT!  The Anniversary Party #5 is HERE!  It's in the Coffee Shop!

Check out the AMAZING inside!

SO cool!  Great job Club Penguin!

To get the NEW Party Hat walk up to the present box!

WOAH!  This year's hat is AMAZING!


Check out the Book Room!

Awesome!  Oh and look!  Remember the art that was sent in by YOU penguins!?  Well the winning art has been posted on the wall!  Here is just SOME of the amazing art:

Wow!!  You guys are great artists!  There's even more art on the wall, so I suggest going to check it out!

Well, in MY opinion, this is FOR SURE Club Penguin's BEST Anniversary EVER!

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1 comment:

Trainman1405 said...

I really like how this party looks. :D especially how the Party Hat is 5 colors. btw you forgot the yearbook cheats.