Safa153 Joins Club Penguin Cheat World!

Hey penguins!

I have been looking for ways to improve my site, and every time I thought about it, it always came back to faster posting!  Sometimes I am staying at school late for clubs and stuff, or once in a while I'm just not online!  So, I have decided to hire an author!  He's really awesome, funny, and cool!  You probably know him, his name is Safa153!  He doesn't have a blog, so any time he is blogging, he will post here!  He will be posting when I am away, or if I'm not online and a big update comes out!  He's amazing at graphics, he has great spelling and grammar, and he's a really nice guy! 

Congratulations Safa153, and welcome to the team!

-Slidoo, Club Penguin Cheat World Owner Please comment! I love comments!REMEMBER: Do NOT steal ANY of the screenshots, pictures, text, etc. in ANY of my posts! This is ILLEGAL and you WILL be caught! You will sometimes get a warning, sometimes you won't! If you steal anything, your site will likely be suspended or removed.


james said...

wow luxky safa, id love that job any time. And great new theme. it totally kicks butt.

Fuzzy ShyIvy said...

I LOVE the header and the font you used for it!

Alex said...

Welcome Safa!

P.S. Your welcome for the font Slidoo ;)

Kristen said...

Welcome Safa! Have a great time posting! =D

Kristen said...

Hey weren't you a mod for Mimo Safa?