Club Penguin Igloo Flooring Glitch!

Today my friends and I noticed that our flooring in our igloos is GONE! =O

This is SO weird!  When you FIRST enter your igloo it is just a PLAIN IGLOO for a quick second but then it loads some more, and shows your furniture but NO flooring! 

PLEASE Club Penguin!  Fix this!  This ruins all of our awesome Halloween igloos!

What do you think of this?  Comment!

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Ppppookie said...

Slidoo! Is it me or is there a new way that cp player cards load?

Kristen said...

I noticed today that when you dance, your clothes and body go crazy.

I also noticed that if you throw a snowball more then once with doing anything, you just stand there and a snowball pops out.

Zack said...

Slidoo Zoey came on chat, wrote scrolling text and said we were all rediculus and said we should be ashamed, then called me a jerk and swore in PC.
You really need to do something about it.