Field-Ops #17 CHEATS!

It's FIELD-OP TIME!  Head over to the command room to get started.

Now click the Field-Ops screen.

Now, go to the Underground Pool!

Now walk up to the middle window and your phone will begin to ring.  Answer it!

FINALLY!  IT'S A NEW PUZZLE!!  Okay... to play, find the correct symbols by clicking the circles.  As you click them the symbol will change.  When you press scan, it scans it to see if any are right.  If there is a GREEN circle around them, it means that symbol is CORRECT.  If there's a red one, it means it's WRONG and that symbol is NO WHERE.  If it's yellow, it means that symbol IS correct but it's in the WRONG place!

Congratulations!  Once you crack the code you've won another medal for the Elite Gear!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! I was having such a hard time figuring out that field op! thanks :)