Slidoo's Haunted Halloween Party!

As you probably know, I love parties, and can't stop having them!  I am having a Haunted Halloween party on October 31th, the day before Halloween!  Check out the details:

Time Chart:
10:30 AM PST is ALSO...
10:30 AM Pacific Standard Time
12:30 PM Central Standard Time
1:30 PM Eastern Standard Time
6:30 PM British Standard Time
12:30 PM Mountain Standard Time
3:30 AM Australian Standard Time (MONDAY)
Again, I am terribly sorry that Australians cannot come, because of the way timing works out.  I promise you guys one time we'll have a party, JUST for you, sound cool?

It's gonna be super fun, so make sure you go if you can! 

I will be adding at the party!
I will be adding, but sadly I will ONLY have ten spots open, so you REALLY have to be SUPER FAST when you send me a buddy request!  My spots fill REALLY FAST, so make sure you get on that list! (If you want to, of course!)

Earn rewards!
If you have a Twitter account, click HERE to tweet about my party!  The 10 people who tweet that the MOST will get a 250 iSlidoo point code, AND will be followed by me on Twitter!  *Note: You must be following my Twitter in order to be able to win these prizes.

Go early!
Last time I had a party, the room DID fill up and some people were having a hard time getting in!  My site is now even more popular, and I'm proud to say that the ranks have gone back up (since they went down in August when I went away) so the room is likely to be full BEFORE the party, so make sure you get there early!

Follow me for updates!
You'll want to make sure you're following me on Twitter (click HERE to follow me, and click HERE to sign up for Twitter) because I often like to randomly leave and go to a different room!  You will find out the party's LATEST LOCATION by following my Twitter!

This party is going to be an hour of fun!  Parties on Club Penguin are always awesome, so you should join in on the fun and come to my Haunted Halloween Party!

-Slidoo, Club Penguin Cheat World Owner
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Anonymous said...

It's a bit late in my time so I can't come

Zoeyuluv said...

For mountain time its 8:30am

Ppppookie said...

Aww man! I can't come to your party, I have school in the morning, plus I'll be tired form trick-or-trearing

Je45rry said...

Do you have school on Sunday, Ppppookie? I will try to go, Slidoo!

Anonymous said...

nothing will stop me from going to ur party i cant wait to go