Halloween Party Cheats!

The Halloween Party 2010 is here!  It's AWESOME!

 As usual, there's a candy hunt!  There are also some free items!  Here is a list of what this post will contain:

1. Candy hunt guide
2. Dark Chamber cheats
3. Free items
To begin, click on the pumpkin in the right hand corner of your screen!

Woot!  The first candy is found at the BEACH:
Yay!  Now we have found ONE out of EIGHT candies!
Yay!  Now head to the Snow Forts for the next one!
Yay!  Now, for the third candy, go to the Iceberg, which is a GIANT PUMPKIN!

Woop!  For the fourth item go to the Gift Shop!

For the next one, go to the Pizza Parlour!

Yippee!  Now for the next one, go to the Ski Lodge!

For the second last one go to the Plaza!

Yay!  The last one's at the Lighthouse Beacon!

YOU'RE DONE! YAY!  Now click "Claim Prize".

Now you get a cool background!
Yay!  Club Penguin's candy hunts are always SO fun, don't you agree?

2. Dark Chamber:
Members, head over to the Forest to go into the Dark Chamber!
For the first part, different coloured water will squirt out of the holes in a certain pattern!  Then, you have to click on the piano keys in the SAME order as it showed you!  Do this several times, and you'll win!  Then the door will open and you can move on! 

Ok, now go through the door! 
Wow, it's dark in there! Pick up one of those FREE lanterns and then you'll be able to make some LIGHT!

Now hold the lantern in your HAND and move your way through the maze!  Then, if you do it right, you'll see a door!  Wanna cheat, though?  Put on the night vision goggles and the way will light up!

YAY!  You are THROUGH the dark chamber! =D
Yay!  Now walk up to the "Free" sign and you can get UNLIMITED piles of candy for your igloos!
Yay!  Now you have completed the Dark Chamber!

3. Free Items!
In this party there are THREE free items, and they're TWO are NEW! AMAZING! Club Penguin has got their party charm back I think!  Great job!  The first is the lantern in the Dark Chamber.  The SECOND is at the Plaza!

You now have the Purple Bat Wings!  The third free item is in the members-only Haunted Mansion!  To get to it, go to the Forest and walk through the path that says "Haunted House".
Walk up to the box oh ghosts to pick it up!  Unfortunately, this item isn't NEW, but it's a really COOL old one!

Well, there you go everyone!  This Halloween party is AWESOME!  And remember to come track Gary the Gadget Guy with us, to get his STAMP AND background! 

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