POPPING All Over Club Penguin! Newspaper!

There is a new newspaper out today!

First off, there is NOTHER hidden message from the PSA!  To find it click on the place circled in the following picture on page A2:

If you cannot see the picture click on the title at the top that says SOCIAL SCENE.  Here is the message:
It says "As you know, our PSA headquarters have been compromised by popcorn.  Do not worry.  We are making plans... We'll update you soon. Stay sharp."  Slidoo's Mission 11 Guide and Theory click here

The island is POPPING with popcorn!  First we have the Ski Village...

ALL YOU CAN EAT POPCORN!  Next we have the Sport Shop...

And NOW we have the HQ... the place that EXPLODED in the mission...

The sign says:

"To Do List:
Eat all the popcorn
Plan to catch Herbert
Find a new HQ soon"

If you take the first letter of each line it spells EPF!  This is another reason I think my theory is correct!  Finally, it's time for SOCCER SEASON!

It KICKS off (get my joke?  Hahaha... why are you not laughing?) on May 28!  I cannot wait!  Can you?  Comment telling me YOUR original theories!

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

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