iSlidoo Gift Cards Now Available!

Is it your online friend's birthday and you really wanna give them something special but don't know how?  Do you just want to be an awesome friend?  Well now you can with iSlidoo gift cards!  Here's how it works:

First, you pick a card design. 
Next, you put in an amount of points (You must already have the amount) For example, if I have 100 points and I want to send a gift card to my friend, I might put 50 points on the card.  Then I would lose 50 points and those 50 would be put on the gift card.  Now I will only have 50 points. 
Next you tell me your penguin/iSlidoo account name.
Then you tell me who you are sending the card to.  You must say their penguin name/iSlidoo account name.  If you know their email address, also include that.

Then, the card will be sent to the person you gave it to, and they will get the points you put on the card!  This is a GREAT way to wish someone a happy birthday, send them a thank-you present, or just be plain awesome!

Design #1:

Design #2:

Design #3:

Design #4:

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner


River racer said...

I think ill be able to meet this Wednsday at 3:00 CP Time.

Piper ~ Lemon said...

I will give Carolynn1 (when she gets her account) all of my 152 points. Why: I want her to be able to buy stuff ASAP;) Design: 4