Herbert's Revenge Sneak Peek!

Billybob has released ANOTHER sneak peek of Herbert's Revenge!

These are some photos of the game!  This is the LAST sneak peek we will get because on May 25 it will be OUT in STORES!  We will LEARN what will happen with the PSA and EPF next in the DS game I bet! 
What do you think of this? (Thanks, Waltle!)  Also, I have posted this before pretty much ANYONE including the famous penguins! ;-) 

A few days ago The Web Pengs band (Policeman655, Oopsyocto155, and I) released our first single Jamming Man.  Now, we are releasing the rest of our album to Youtube!  I will also add the new songs to the mixpod on this site so you can hear them!

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner


Anonymous said...

I posted before you, but I didn't get time for a description.

Fluffygood (CPC) said...

You guys are still coming to my party right?

slippeestars said...

im getting herberts revenge the day it releases i have 30$

Oopsyocto155 said...

Also, for Octo Afford, here is your prize banner you wanted:

(remember, its about cheese!)


Oopsyocto155 said...

I posted now to, and I think by the looks of it, he is trying to make Club Penguin warm, and like, melt it or something!

Toysgoneby said...


Tooters Polluters/SecUer Manure said...

hey oopsyocto i just saw your site and its coolio NEAAAAA A A A A A

Tooters Polluters/SecUer Manure said...

im watching tv

Tooters Polluters/SecUer Manure said...

hey i am breaking a cp record for mosy commentd on one of your posts :)

Tooters Polluters/SecUer Manure said...

that is coolio too bad me dont hjave a ds :( keep waddling and youll succeed! :)

Tooters Polluters/SecUer Manure said...

hey plz vote on my site about my name slidoo

Tooters Polluters/SecUer Manure said...

bored bored bored but youe site iks coolio

Tooters Polluters/SecUer Manure said...

hey slidoo i have a theory

i think herbert revenge will be connected to mission veggie 11and they will bounce into the river and puffles will be found and youll have to stop hebeert will put back gs robots soz i heard about the other game so i know bout da robots :) then suddenly a poster of mission 11 will come and say im back to haunt you herbert p bear MWAHAHAh :) then herbert will scream AHH :) then the agent will do missions :) hope you like my theory :)

Lopakoy said...

Hey Slidoo, I wanna order a header. Here are the details:
2.Lopakoy's CP Cheats
4. http://img214.imageshack.us/img214/2449/32671099.png

5.'Lopakoy's Awesome CP Cheats!
6. any flowers or girly colour
7. header
8.700X230 should be good
9. any colour - its up to you. But my favs are red, yellow and orange.
10. make the text blink..keep some time gap..around 3 to 4 seconds.

thanks a lot! i hope you can do it.

☺§lídôô☻ said...

I can do it but there is a problemo with animations :( I won't be able to make text blink... sorry! I will do the rest of the order though!

River racer said...

Slidoo here is my banner order:

1.River Racer
2.Clubpenguin Press
5.River Racer's Clubpenguin Press
6.Flowers..... blech!
8.I want the backround to be teal and the words navy
10.No but could you tell me how you make them??? Im super interested!!

~River Racer