Hardest Challenge Reviewed By You

Last week Club Penguin asked us what the HARDEST puzzle we ever had to solve on Club Penguin was, and Fun Boy Fun told them:

The hardest for me was the yeti cave! I got soo confused! With everybody going a differnt dirction it made me really unsure where to go! I went up and down even with my buddies I got back to the starting line! It must have taken a day before me and my friends found the yeti cave! It was amazing we skated like we skate at the ice rink! We played until we got really tired! After we left we got yeti costumes as a award!

Wow!  Great job Fun Boy Fun! 

I agree!  The Great Snow Maze WAS hard!  Now Club Penguin wants to know what you're enjoying the most in the Medieval Party 2010!  Find the CHEATS in the navigation at the top of the right sidebar! 

Also, I am really happy that you all love the new iSlidoo sign in system!  Remember, if you're an iSlidoo member, sign in quite often!  Sometimes I might give out random sales or deals to only a few random peoples and you will ONLY find out about them if you check your account!

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner