The EPF: Herbert's Revenge code FINALLY works and you get AWESOME prizes! 

You get the EPF gadget, an elite puffle, coins, and a jacket!  Click the spy gadget to begin.

Then you will see the gadget...

The top 2 gadgets are coming soon.  The whistle is only for members and it calls the elite puffle!!

The penguin icon teleports you, and the postcard allows you to send a postcard to someone to help them become an agent... I think... Go into your postcards and if you're an EPF agent you'll see this:

You can invite your friends to join the EPF!  When you get the postcard or are going to send it, it just looks blank... but when you roll your mouse over words they appear!  Here's a little video I made to show you:

The Everyday Phoning Facility is OUT!  It is where the OLD Sport Shop is- in the ski village!

If you ARE NOT an EPF agent you must take the test to become one.  Update: If you were a previous PSA agent you can take the test right away.  if you have the DS game you do not need to take the test, just enter the code.  If you have never been an agent before or any kind, you need to recieve the postcard that invites you to become an EPF agent.  Here is a video on how to pass the test:
The new HQ is COOL!

This is totally AWESOME!  What do YOU think?

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

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