Gold, Gold, and More Gold!

So you can go collect the Dragon's Gold when you finish Member Quest #2!  It is a furniture item and can go in your igloo!  But there is something SPECIAL about this free item... you can get as much as you want!  At the Mountain, there is a magic mirror that gives you answers to your questions.  I am asking, "Will I be rich!?" 

It doesn't know!  It replied "Can't Say"  Well I will go give it the answer to that question!  Let's go pick up some gold...

Now let's get MORE MORE MORE!  Let's go store it in my super deluxe stone igloo where NO ONE can steal it because of the high tech door!

YES!  I AM rich!  With the Treasure Chests from Rockhoper and the Dragon's Gold, me and my puffles can live happily FOREVER!  So can you!  Just go collect the gold after completing Member Quest #2

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

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