New Command Room Coming Soon!

Hi everyone!  Later today is the time I get the game!  Remember my theory about the sneak peek that there would be a new command room BEHIND the current command room wall and will be for Herbert's Revenge penguins?  Well, I am correct!  When you get the DS game, a notice comes up saying that Club Penguin is not yet ready for the code!  It tells you to try again in a few days!!  This means that later this week, penguins who get Herbert's Revenge will be able to get into the NEW Command Room!  FULL credit goes to Bobhead202 for noticing this!  (He already got the game)  What do you think?  Together, Bobhead202 and I are trying to bring you some SUPER EXCLUSIVE photos of the new command room, hopefully we can get some very soon!  Also, I will post Herbert's Revenge cheats here when I get the game but will ALSO put them on my DS Game Cheats page!  That page will stay up for a few months to help penguins who get the game late!

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

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