Medieval Party Member Quest 1 Cheats!

The Medieval party is HERE!  There are 2 member quests, and more fun!  The rest of the cheats coming very soon!  Here is how you complete quest one.  You gotta be a member, then go into the Pool and go through the gate circled in red:

Next, you will see a screen with many orbs.  Go stand on the mats infront of the orbs to light them all up!  If you get them all lighting up at once, go through the door circled in red:

Next, you can find a free item!  Cool!

Actually, TWO free items!  However they are combined as one.  They are called the "Staff and Shield"  The next part of the member quest is having to throw 50  snowballs at targets... but don't worry!  When someone else in the room hits a target, it counts for you, too!  When you have hit 50, go through the gate circled in red:

Now you can get another free item!

It is called the "Iron Helmet"!  Now, the hardest part of the quest... the big maze! 
Here are the directions:

Then... you have WON the challenge!  Woot!  You can collect the final peice of armor... the suit!

Walk up to the armor to add it to your inventory!

Awesome!!  That is the last of the Member Quest #1!  Comment telling me if this quide helped you!
-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

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