Igloo Upgrades & Furniture Catalogue Cheats!

There is a new Better Igloos catalogue out today! Here is the front cover:

There are LOTS of hidden items and LOTS of new stuffs or at least things that are old but came back!  Here are the hidden item cheats:

Click on the blue flower for the Ficus Plant!

Click on the leaf circled for the Poodle Plant!

Click the middle spike for the Snake Grass!

Click on the symbol on the Medieval Banner for the Bulrushes!

Click on the top of the Green Vase for the HD TV!  Those are all the NEW furniture cheats but some of last month's items are still there - click HERE to see the cheats from last month to find the rest of the hidden items!  Here is the interactive version of the catalogue:

There is a new Iglo Upgrades Catalogue out and here are the cheats!

Click on the broken floorboards for the Secret Stone Igloo!

Click on the Ice Castle's door for the Pink Ice Palace!
Click on one of the small flowers for the Bamboo Hut Igloo!

Click on the Deluxe Stone Igloo for the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo!  Here is the interactive version:

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-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

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Birdy_(Ferdthebird) said...

Oh, there are new Postcards too if you didn't know! ;)

Birdy (Can you post about them [postcards] on BirdyCPC, but NOT about the betterigloos or upgrades? thanks! i'd like to post about the upgrades and better igloos)