Herbert's Revenge Final Sneak Peeks!

Ok... so Herbert's Revenge is in stores TOMORROW, and I'm gonna likely get it, TOMORROW.  So let's review some sneak peeks.  But FIRST, I am closing the Wacky Outfit contest EARLY because we have so many AMAZING entries!  However, we only have 1 non-member entry so I am AUTOMATICLY putting that entry in the vote, along with the top 4.  Here are the top 4 (plus the non member) entries out of A LOT!! We had over 30 entries!  Thank you so much!





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Ok... so back to the sneak peeks!  Here are some mini game sneak peeks:

Woah woah woah... so we know that the Sport Shop is leaving the island, but then why isn't the Ski Lodge in that photo!?  Let's take a closer look...

Is this a mess up, or is Club Penguin just FAILING really badly and removing the Ski Lodge too!?  They better not be!  The Lodge Attic is my favourite room! ;-)  Anyway, more sneak peeks:

Also the badges from the Elite Penguin Force game will be coming to Club Penguin!  There will be a gold, silver, bronze, ice, and wood badge:

Here is what it will look like on your playercard:

I can't wait for the game, can you?

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner


Birdy_(Ferdthebird) said...

Whoa, nice sneak peek!


Lopakoy said...

Awesome sneak peeks! I dob't know from where the heck are you getting these. you are so awesome!

Piper Ané:)~ said...

Oh smooth move. Because you were mad at me for something you should get over by now because I DID give you credit, you decided to not let me enter my entry.