New Wallpaper & Comic and Bugs!

So I already posted this but the Club Penguin community has a NEW design and style... BUT this is causing MANY BUGS! 

First off there is a new wallpaper!  That's great... BUT you can no longer find the OLD comics or OLD wallpapers so you can only see the THREE NEWEST!  However there is ONLY this bug for peoples with Internet Explorer 8!  It works FINE and you can click to see the entire index for internet browsers such as Firefox! (Thanks, Tooters Polluters!)  If you don't understand what I mean, here is a picture:

You cannot click on Wallpapers or Comics if you have Internet Explorer 8 like I do!  This is a major BUG!  Please fix this Club Penguin!  Luckily, I have an index of all the wallpapers and comics for you!  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE COMICS - CLICK HERE TO SEE THE WALLPAPERS

UPDATE: Club Penguin NOTICED that they messed up and added this bar so you can now see all the comics and wallpapers:

Thanks for fixing the bugs Club Penguin! 

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

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