May 2010 Penguin Style Catalogue Cheats!

There is a new Penguin Style catalogue out!  Here are the hidden item cheats:

Cool front cover!  It looks like there will be lots of medieval stuffs in the catalogue!

Click on the candlestick to get the Green Dragon costume!

Click the curtain near the bottom for the Green Princess Dress and Super LOOONG hair!
Also, look at what that king is holding!

Click on part of the wall for the Green Hooded Cloak!

Click the cup for the red viking helmet!  Open and close it 4 or 5 times for the BLUE one!

Click on the pink square on the dance floor for the green face paint!

Click on the water bottle for the Dazzling Blue Top Hat!

Click on the stack of cups for the Top Hat!

Click on the button on the camera for the Dazzling Blue Tux!

Click on the small tree for the Cocoa Bunny Ears!

Click on the top of the big tree for the Pom Pom scarf!

Click the top of the right mountain for the Pastel Suede Jacket!

Click the left mountain top for the Cocoa Bunny Costume!

Also, there is a special Medieval catalogue!  Click here to see it:

There are several special items!

I love the Medieval Party!  Scroll down for Member Quest 1 & 2 cheats!

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

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