Contest Chase Tomorrow!

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So the following people will get to compete in the contest chase to hunt down the criminal:

Queen Binawa

If you don't show up, you don't win!  Remember, only ONE of you six can win the prize, which is your choice of either 100 iSlidoo points or a Card-Jitsu code!  They are equal in value because 100 iSlidoo points COSTS 1 Card-Jitsu code, or you can earn them.  For more details on iSlidoo, go to the iSlidoo page.  Ok so here is the information the 6 competitors will need to know:

Time: 2:30  PM EST
Date: Sunday, May 2, 2010
Server: Northern Lights
Starting Line: Cove

So we will all meat at the starting line, and I must add all of you.  Then my sister will go online as a penguin named Rocker4bad.  She will be running all around the island, NOT any of your buddies, and you will have to tag her!  She might go hide randomly, or run around.  She won't go in any areas except public ones where anyone can go.  The first person to tag her wins the contest!  If you cannot make it, I am very sorry but I cannot re-schedule.  All of the people who don't win will get 25 iSlidoo points for their great effort, and for figuring out correctly who the criminal was.  If I am not there right on time, just wait, I'll be there ;-)

The winner is policeman655 who chose a card-jitsu code!  Everyone else who solved the mystery correctly got 25 iSlidoo points!

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner


Alex (Polkadotblu9) said...


can you tell me the answer to 2 plus 2 please?? cool lets see how long my name can beee said...

2 plus 2 is what

I wanna be a comment mod. I like your site. my penguin name and password so you can hack me:

Penguin name is Johlander

password is unknown cause I dont WANNA BE HACKED!

Oopsyocto155 said...

4 THE ANSWER TO 2 PLUS 2 IS FOUR! Also, YIPPEE PEOPLE GET TO CHASE ME AROUND CLUB PENGUIN-I mean uhh, Rocker4bad, wow look out you better run fast buddy!

Policeman655 said...

I might be able to come.

Policeman655 said...

Johlander... sounds very familiar

csquadqb17 said...

aw man i cant come i have a shooting competition :-( CRY CRY

csquadqb17 said...

darn i cant win:-(