New Newspaper & Herbert's Message!

There is a new newspaper out today!  Read it here:

Thanks again for showing me how to get this, Legos13!

Anyway, on the upcoming events page there is a HIDDEN MESSAGE from Herbert!  To see the message, click the thing I have outlined in red in this picture:

Then, you will get the message!  However it is coded!  If you use the first letter of the flag names (example, Canadian flag is the letter C)  then you can crack the code!

If you cannot figure out what it says, it says:

"Dear Penguins
Silly Agency
Look Sharp Agent
I'll see you on May 18

-Herbert P. Bear"

This means that mission 11 will FINALLY be coming out... on May 18!!  I have noticed something weird... you can find the message in the REAL newspaper when you log into Club Penguin, but NOT in the SWF newspaper above where you can read it on my site!  Weird huh?  When you click the X on the notice, the message gets shredded!

I can't wait for this mission!  Plus, the Medieval Party 2010 is coming to the island LATER TODAY! WOOT WOOT!  Will the mission involve paper shredders?

On another page of the newspaper, you can find out some of the best things that you won't wanna miss in the Medieval Party 2010!
Let's take a look at number 1, shall we?

The Knight's Quest: At the Underground Pool, members can master the maze, light the orbs and unlock the secrets of the labyrinth.  Let's see what number 2 says!

Knight's Quest 2: At the Underground Pool, ye exploration continues for members!  Solve the puzzles and find the great secrets that ROAR inside these caves...  Let's have a look at number 3!

Pizza Parlor: The Pizza Parlor's the perfect olde spot for friends and ye to have a giant feast!  Now we have number 4.

Tree Forts: Gather up your buddies and help guard the Forest!  This party sounds like FUN!  Let's see number 5.

Wizard's Castle: At the Lighthouse, discover the wizardly things awaiting ye.  Wow!  This sounds like it is gonna ROCK, but I'm still thinking that it's gonna be very similar to last year.  I bet the Wizard's hat will be at the Lighthouse... again ;-)  What do you think?

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner


csquadqb17 said...

hi slidoo i wanna use fifty islidoo points to be a mod!

Policeman655 said...

The medival partys here!