SUPER EXCLUSIVE - Club Penguin Coins For Change GOAL!

Club Penguin's Lighthouse is currently a centre for Coins for Change!  There are a few piles of coins, and coins are constantly falling in!  WELL, I started searching, and I have got some awesome sneak peeks for you guys!  First of all, coins will continue to fill the Lighthouse, eventually making it look like this:
Woah!!  Then, the BEACON will start to fill up, too!
Awesome!  You can see, that Club Penguin will reach their goal!  I wondered as soon as I saw that Goal thing, that if coins would stack up to there - And they will!

These sneak peeks HAVE been confirmed by Club Penguin because I have found them from part of the official Club Penguin website - Making sure that this is 100% REAL!

I'm excited, are you? ;-]


Anonymous said...

glitch found nobody else knows-when u look at english start up screen it isnt dcorated but when you look at any other start up screen for languages it is decorated so your the only one and i hope nobody tells anybody else

Fuzzy ShyIvy said...

Not really...coins in a beacon actually seem quite...random...then again, I enjoy randomness every once in a while...ok, every minute. But I don't see the point...unless we get to SWIM in the coins, then No, not excited.

Fuzzy ShyIvy said...

Hey wait do you think it's possible NOT to reach the goal? That would kinda be funny...and a fail!

Anonymous said...

Slidoo you were soo right I went to the lighthouse this morning and that's what it looks like.