Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays, penguins!  I have put some holiday/winter decorations up all around the site - What do you think?  Anyways, I just want to say Happy Holidays to EVERYONE!  I hope you have an AMAZING December! (:

I thought I'd put this fun Club Penguin Christmas game in, just to make your day more fun. ;-]

Don't remember this?  It came from the Holiday Party 2009!  Press the green button and then the red button.  Then keep pressing the big red button to drop presents into houses!  Also, I'm sorry that it's in a different language, but it's all I could get:

Enjoy!  Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

its ok slidoo i still love it by the way will your new site get all cheats from this site

Syka said...

Ha Ha! Yes, I remember the sled very well. I like the post and decorations, they look great and festive! Waffle on! ~Sy