Ruby & The Ruby Back At the Stage

June17 here! First off, I'm CPCW's newest author just to let you guys know. Moving on, Ruby & The Ruby are back to the Stage. In this post, you will find out how to get the new Ruby Brooch pin and see what the catalog cheats are.On previous times where Ruby & The Ruby came to the stage, there is always a pin to find. Well, there is a new pin called the Ruby Brooch pin. To get it, click on all the objects circled in red. Once those have been clicked, click on the picture that is circled in black, then click on the safe and now click on the ruby. Now you have the new Ruby Brooch pin.Sadly, there are only two cheats and they are both old. But, I will still show you them! First off, here is the front cover:On the 3rd page, click on the doorknob to find the Dark Detective's Coat.The last cheat is on the back cover. To get it, you have to click and hold that word box and slide it down. It will reveal the Noir Background.
Well, that's it for the cheats.


Anonymous said...

im glad the party's over now we can wait to next new thing

Syka said...

Congratz, June! You did a great job on the post. ;-)