Snow and Sports Catalogue December 2010 CHEATS!

FINALLY, a new sports catalogue has been released! Only this time, Club Penguin failed and basically repeated a previous catalogue COMPLETELY! :(  But anyways, here's the cover:
Now check out the cheats (hidden items):
Click on the green penguin for the Green Jersey!
Click on the lime green penguin for the Green Goalie stuff!
Finally, click on the word "Ice" for the white pom-poms!

Well, that is all the cheats!  I hope you enjoy this new, well, not-so-new new catalogue!


Syka said...

Epic fail.....;-P You can you a WHOLE lot better than this, CP!

June17 said...

If u read the post Billybob made, it said that the team is working on a NEW sports catalog for January!