Holiday Party 2010 Cheats!

Hey penguins! This year’s Holiday Party is OUT! YAY!! To make this post better and more organized, I have separated it into 3 parts.

1. Free items
2. Santa's Sled
3. Coins for Change

1. Free items:
There are two free items this year, one is for members only.  You get it once you finish the Santa's Sled mini game!  Learn how to do that by going to the Santa's Sled section of this post.
 Now click on it to pick it up!
Yay!  Now you have the FREE item: Santa's Present Bag!

For the next free item, it is the Reindeer Antlers for everyone.  It is located at the Sky Village:
Walk on it to pick it up!  Now you have the repeat item, the Reindeer Antlers!

2. Santa's Sled:
Santa's Sled is back!  To begin, you must be a member, then head over to the Nightclub Lounge.
Now, go through the door:
Now, you'll be on Santa's Sled!
To play, and win the free item, you must drop 15 presents into 15 houses!  To drop a present when you're above a chimney, click the big red button.
This is what it will look like when the presents are falling:
Now once you get 15 into houses, you'll get a free item!
Make sure you click on it quickly, because sometimes it has a glitch and goes away VERY fast!  For more information on this item, flip to the Free Items section of this post!

3.. Coins for Change:
Coins for Change is an awesome thing that Club Penguin does EVERY Holiday season!  You donate coins to  go to charity.  Every time you donate coins, Club Penguin sends MORE money to the charity!  It is a GREAT way to help the environment, kids in need, etc.  Check out this year's catagories:
This year's things you can donate are different from previous years, but your coins will help a LOT!  To donate coins, just find one of these things:
Please, donate lots of coins!

Woot! I’m loving this party! Lots of new, creative stuff. What about YOU?


Anonymous said...

Correction, Reindeer Antlers at the Ski Village is an item.

Syka said...

I think CP went really wimpy with the decoration. The forest, cove, iceberg, and mine are so NOT festive. ;-/ Glad the antlers returned, like RH's items, and am excited for new stamps. ;-)
Waffle on and Berry Christmas! (LOL) ~Syka