New Servers!

Woah, CP is adding new servers again! Must be because this is such a big event and dralls so many people...anyways  know you are saying, "What are they?", so I will tell...FOR A COIN CODE! Lol jk Here they are:

The new ones are: Sardine, Skates, Puddle, Migrator, Mulle, Pine Needles, Fiesta, Grasshopper, Jackhammer, Hockey, Hot Chocolate, Beanbag, Cream Soda, Adventure, Jackkfrost, Oyster, Zipline, and Hypothermia. If yu find any mor please tell me! :-)

-Coolman12743( know what to do. ;-))


Syka said...

Nice. Looks good. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, on someones site, there was a server called Server 3000. They say it's a glitch.