Party Tomorrow on Animal Jam!

The party has been changed to tomorrow due to personal reasons!

Yes!  You heard right!  A few days ago, I reopened my Animal Jam blog, Animal Jam Community.  Anyways, today I am having a party on Animal Jam!

If you don't have an Animal Jam account, I strongly suggest creating one because it is a very fun game!  To create an account you can go to the Animal Jam Website.  Make sure you EXPLORE the island and website so you know a bit about what's going on, but we won't be moving around that much because to be honest, I BARELY even know what Animal Jam is all about because I haven't gotten a lot of time to explore yet.  But, I'll do my best! ;-]

Today is the day of the party, so here are the details:

Date: December 31
Server: Kama
Room: Crystal Sands
Time: 3:00 Eastern Standard Time
12:00 Pacific Standard Time (Or Penguin time ;-])
2:00 Central Standard Time
8:00 British Standard Time
Other time zones unknown

I hope you check out my Animal Jam blog and I really hope to see you at the party!  Remember, I am SIR LOOPYMOON on Animal Jam, and my username is TheSlidoo.  I will be adding 20 animals at the party!  Hope to see you there!


Kristen said...

I don't think I can go. I'm probably going to be at my Aunt's.

My5t3ryg1rl said...

kool! but i dont have an account and i dont know this game but i wanna go to the party!

Anonymous said...

hey slidoo i played on animal jam before because of u talking about it on your blog and sooner or later i got a 1 month free membership cause i was one of first ppl to play itell atleast i think i went on it because of your blog

Kristen said...

Why did the date change?

Anonymous said...

sorry slidoo but i missed the party

Anonymous said...

Im not to positive on why Slidoo changed the date. But my best guess would be that he doesn't know to much about Animal Jam and wanted to do more at the party. Even though the party is over I hope this helps.
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