Field-Ops #26 Guide!

Hey everyone! Club Penguin has just released the newest Field-Op! To begin, go to the HQ.

Now, click on the Field-Ops screen! Next, accept your Field-Op.

Hmm... Find a booth?  How about the Ticket Booth!  Head over to the Plaza. ;-]

Now, walk up to the ticket booth. Now your spy phone will start ringing, click on it to answer it.

Now click on “ENGAGE” and play the puzzle! To beat this puzzle, move the microchip around with your arrow keys, and charge up all the batteries! Remember to avoid the electric zapping things, and if you get electicuted by one or after charging a battery go to the green loading point where you start - that charges your microchip fully! Once you've charged all the batteries, you win!

Congratulations! You now have earned another medal for the Elite Gear! YIPPEE!!!

1 comment:

Marry said...

Hello Slidoo,

I wonder if you remember, a while ago, I left a comment on your blog thanking you for providing cheats for my daughter and other penguins all over the world! Well, my daughter is not allowed to comment, but she wanted me to tell you one thing:

"Thanks Slidoo your cheats are always the best! I was stuck on the Field-Op, I kept going to the Tour Guide booth and the Stadium food stands, but I checked your blog and got it in 2 seconds! Thanks!"

I'd like you to know that we really appreciate your efforts! Thanks for helping out!

-Marry and her daughter