Coins for Change Results Video!

Wow!  This year in Coins for Change Club Penguin has raised over 12 BILLION coins and the results are IN!

  • $340,000 will go to build safe places
  • $360,000 will go to protect the earth
  • $300,000 will go to provide medical help

Woah!!  This year, ALL the penguins teamed up and raised that much money!? Is it true!? Yup!  They have even created a results VIDEO for all of us to watch!

Wanna see the video for yourself?  Click here to read Billybob's post and watch the awesome video!

Thank you EVERYONE who donated!  Your virtual coins are being turned into REAL money and are going towards helping the environment and people!  Great job!!


Fluffygood said...

$340,000 will go to medical help.

Anonymous said...

new protect earth will get the most

Anonymous said...

i have had several of those action figures before series 11 i think some are repeats

Fluffygood said...

You typed $300,000 goes to medical help, but its 340,000 dollars. please correct it because this post is false.