Penguin Style December 2010 Cheats

The new Penguin Style catalogue is here!  Check out the cover:
Yay!  Let's take a look at the hidden item cheats:
Click on the light blue Christmas Light for the Puffle Pullover!
Click on the "F" in the Coffee sign for the Blur Fuzzy Hat! (Thanks Coolgem50)
Double cheat page!  Click on the yellow puffle for the Candy Cane Wing-Warmers and click on the line in the snow (circled in the picture) for the Black Whirlpool Snowsuit and the Yellow Toque!
Another double cheat page!  Click on the tops of the trees for the Blue Earmuffs and the Blue Striped Scarf!
Click on the top of the OTHER tree for the Blue Mittens!  Wow!  A TRIPLE cheat page! (Thanks again, Coolgem50!)
Yet ANOTHER double cheat page!  Click on the circled parts of the page for the Snowman Suit & Head Item, and the Gingerbread Costume!

Finally, click on the Ornament that I have circled, for the Snowboard Boots!

Wow!  That's a BIG catalogue with lots of cheats!  Club Penguin wasn't kidding when they said that they were gonna improve on catalogues and stuff!


bluecheese1 said...

you guys i added up all the cost for new items in the catolog( december items not brand new items) and the total cost came out to: 14,045 coins!!!! wow!! they meant it when they said bigger catologs!!!!!

Edster12499 said...

@bluecheese1: I agree! :) Nice math by the way...:)

Dingeljoe said...

Now more people can be a snowman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!