Club Penguin's ICE RINK Is BACK!

After several months of the weird, bizarre event thing at the Stadium, the Ice Rink is back for the winter!
Now check out the room:
YAY!  I have always loved the Ice Rink, and I was sad when they took it away - But now it's back!

Tell me, what do YOU like better? The Rink, or the Stadium?


Fiolek Fan said...

I like the rink. For one, WE'RE AT THE SOUTH POLE! and two what person plays soccer when its like -2 degrees outside lol

Anonymous said...

u juust posted it
the candy cane warmers is fixed (u can now see it on your penguin)and gift cards are out i tried sending u one

Syka said...

I prefer soccer to hockey--I played for 4 1/2 years! However, I think I like the ICe Rink better in CP. It fits the snow theme and you can actually skate with a fun bug: Get on one side of a room. (Iceberg is good to try this.) Click on the other side of the room and quickly open and close the news. Looka at yor penguin and you should be moonwalking/skating/sliding instead of waddling! Repeat again and again for endless fun!
Waffle on and Hairy Christmas! ~Syka

Anonymous said...

ice rink by far