Free 500 Coins Code!

Today, my friend Bobby 7845 showed me something awesome!  If you go to Unlock Items Online and type in a special code, you get 500 free coins!  No joke!  Here's how to do it:

1. Go to and select "Play Now!"
Next, select "Unlock Items Online"

Now, chose the penguin you would like to unlock coins on!
Now, login on that penguin, and then chose "I have a code"
Now, enter the following code:


Make sure you type it exactly like that or it won't work!
Now, you should get 500 free coins!
Yay!  What an awesome gift - But, is this a gift, or a glitch?  I think it's a gift, but make sure you use the code soon, because if you look at the code carefully, you'll notice that it says "Dec" in it, which is short for "December"!  Make sure you go try out the code!

Once again, thanks Bobby 7845 for this cheat!


Qwerty13199 said...

This is a cheat Slidoo, not a glitch! CP sent emails to the parent emails you used to verify your CP accounts saying stuff about Coins for Change, etc etc... and then there was a code for 500 coins as a present, this code! No joke! Give me credit if you wish.


Fuzzy ShyIvy said...


Anonymous said...

its a gift for coins for change i bet u