Field-Ops #25 Cheats!

The new Field-Op is here!  To begin, go to the Command Room and click on the "Field Ops" screen.
Now accept your Field-Op.  This week, the island isn't in danger, but this time we gotta find a CLUE!  To find the clue, go to the Cove!
Walk up to where my giant yeti penguin of awesomeness is standing, and your spy phone should start ringing. :P Anyways, click on it to answer it!
Here's your mission!  This one's a fun one. ;-] To play, find the correct symbols by clicking the circles.  As you click them the symbol will change.  When you press scan, it scans it to see if any are right.  If there is a GREEN circle around them, it means that symbol is CORRECT.  If there's a red one, it means it's WRONG and that symbol is NO WHERE.  If it's yellow, it means that symbol IS correct but it's in the WRONG place!
Yay!  Now you've beat the new Field-Op and you get a NEW Medal for the Elite Gear!

Now I want to hear from YOU - What is YOUR favourite Club Penguin Field-Op puzzle?


bluecheese1 said...

what happened about the site moving?? its gone!!! whats wrong?

Dingeljoe said...

My favorite puzzle is the one where you have to match the symbols. I like it because it's the easiest :-D


Qwerty13199 said...

@ bluecheese1
what happened about the site moving?? its gone!!! whats wrong?
Well, Slidoo may have changed his mind, but if the post is still effective, CPCW will be moving to a Wordpress site. There will be little changes except a new template.
~*Qwerty13199, CPCW Mod*