Mini Contest: Spot the Differences: New Home Screen!

It's been a while since Club Penguin Agents has held a contest! Today I decided to have another spot the differences contest!

If you've played in any of my spot the differences contests in the past, you'll know that there are a few rules. Let's begin!

-Don't spam the comments! Don't leave more than 3/4 comments. Make sure you're POSITIVE with your final answer before commenting!
-No asking for hints... Because you won't get any!
-Don't get mad if you can't get all the differences! Some are easy, some are hard!

How does this type of contest work? Well, all you need to do is comment with the 7 differences in the 2 pictures of the new Club Penguin home screen, below! (Click on the images to make them bigger!)
The first 25 big winners to get all 7 differences correct without breaking any of the above rules will have their name added to this list! One random winner may even get added... Who knows? *The mountains being slightly in a different spot is not a difference... It is an error! There are 7 differences, NOT counting the mountains!*

Big Winners So Far:
Dj Wazzer

Good luck, and remember to be fast! Don't forget to leave your penguin name so I know what I should write on the list!


Anonymous said...

how do i play? help!

Flames2179 said...

Dude look at your twitter. I commented "Flames2179"

Arbereshi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

i don"t know how to do it

Arbereshi said...

Why did you did you remove my comment I did all differences and you removed them! WHY??!!!

Slidoo said...

I removed it so other people would not see the answers and cheat off of you! :-)

Arbereshi said...

Oh sorry. and thnx I did not know that you removed my comment for that reason.Thnx again and sorry

Anonymous said...

Where do you confirm

Anonymous said...

how do you enter