New Club Penguin Times Issue 303!

Hello Penguins! June17 here!

Today, the Club Penguin Times has released their 303 issue! This week's newspaper is focusing on the Great Snow Race and how to prepare for it! Here is more info about the topics:

The Great Snow Race is around the corner, about 2 more weeks to go. The location of the race has been announced and is said to be held at the "Toughest Mountain"! Last year, the Mountain Expedition was members only! Now the Great Snow Race is available to both, members and non-members. The CPT interviewed an excited climber, she wonders if what race we're doing. A race to the top, bottom or both! Some advice shes got is to bring friends with you. You never know what will happen! Get ready, the Great Snow Race starts on August 25!
Many penguins around the island are getting for the Great Snow Race coming really soon. Two Sled Racers were happy to tell us how master Sled Racing. One racer said it's a good idea to have the right equipment. Having a great sled is key to winning a Sled Race. The other racer said it's good to keep on practicing. Now here are the upcoming events:

August 18: Party Construction, Team Color Postcards and Team Blue vs. Team Red at the Stage

August 25: The Great Snow Race Begins!
Well, that's it for this week's newspaper? What do you think? You excited for the Great Snow Race? Tell us in the comments!

-June17, Club Penguin Agents Author

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