Behind the Scenes at Club Penguin!

Hey Penguins!

Today, on the Club Penguin community blog, Billybob has posted a new video called 'Club Penguin Official: Behind The Scenes 2011'. The video shows some of the Club Penguin team and shows us what they do. You can see some of the team designing logos and the newspaper. There is also an interview with Lane Merrifield (Billybob). There is lots of exciting stuff in this video -

That is a cool video! Here is more evidence that the Blackout is coming to Club Penguin  -

That guy is writing something about the Blackout. If you look carefully you can see a picture of Herbert. This video is full of great stuff! Let us know what you like best about this video.

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author

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