Golden Puffle PROOF? (Exclusive)

FULL CREDIT to my friend A11766! 

Today my friend A11766 was in for a surprise when he opened up his new package of Card-Jitsu cards and found a golden puffle card! Sure, you're probably thinking, "golden puffles are fake"... But are they really? Take a look at the card:
It says "Such a popular myth, they made a Stage play about it. Does this puffle really live under the 'berg?" Whoa! Under the Iceberg?... Hold on, remember that Tipping the Iceberg exclusive? And the What's Under the Iceberg? exclusive!?

I think that we'll soon be able to tip the Iceberg, and if we do, we'll get to adopt a free golden puffle! Club Penguin's 2 biggest myths are about to become real, I think! What do you think?

Thank you A11766 for this amazing exclusive!


Wwerocks88 said...

Awesome exclusive! Nice theme, btw!

Anonymous said...

Slidoo, this is River Racer I just want to say that this card is obviously the "Golden Puffle" from that one play. It is an artifact, not the real thing. I may be wrong, but still....