Club Penguin To Go is Released!

Today my friends and I (@Bobhead202, @Fredfan4ever and I) opened up a brand new Club Penguin cheats blog. No, this does not mean Club Penguin Agents is closing... It is still continuing just as much as it was before! Club Penguin To Go, our new blog, is totally different! This is an article written by myself, just a few minutes ago, about Club Penguin To Go:

My friends & I are ABOUT to open a BRAND new Club Penguin site: Club Penguin To Go. What is Club Penguin To Go? It's a very unique Club Penguin blog. It is unique because instead of providing the more descriptive, detailed posts like most blogs try to do, we post the quickest posts without much detail.

Ever find that you're waiting on your favourite Club Penguin cheats blog for the BRAND NEW Field-Op cheats, but it takes forever, and when the post is finally there, the only part you care about is the actual location of the Field-Op? And yet the post took longer because it was filled with the "Hello penguins! Today, EPF Agents need to report to Club Penguin because a new Field-Op is here! To begin, go to the Command Room! (image) Once there, click this!" and blah blah blah? Well, our goal at Club Penguin To Go is to NOT have ANY of that. If you're a new penguin, should you use Club Penguin To Go? NO! It's for penguins who don't need the "baby steps" to starting a Field-Op. For those of you who don't need to know how to get to the Lodge Attic when a new pin is released, etc!

Because we are not adding this stuff that most penguins do not need, our posts will be WAY faster, so it's a great source to use!

The staff at Club Penguin To Go (More will come later, maybe!) are as follows:





We really hope that you use Club Penguin To Go as YOUR Club Penguin cheat website! If you think you have what it takes to join our team, tweet  or  with some example posts and together we will decide if you would make a good addition to our team.

Well, as you just read, Club Penguin To Go is basically like a drive-thru for Club Penguin cheats! It's for penguins who don't need to know how to start things, for experienced penguins! If you're recently new to Club Penguin we don't suggest you use Club Penguin To Go until you get the hang of Club Penguin.

Oh yeah... I forgot to share the website URL with you! Club Penguin To Go's official website is! We really hope you check out Club Penguin To Go, and use it for Club Penguin cheats!



Anonymous said...

Woo! I am so PUMPED for this new website xD

Anonymous said...

can you invite me please slidey

Anonymous said...

It's for readers only :/

Asphodel said...

The link wnt let me see the site. Is that intentional???