Exclusive: Tipping Iceberg?

Since the beginning of Club Penguin, it has been a huge rumour that you are able to tip the Iceberg, if you get enough penguins on it dancing. Thousands of YouTube users have made videos (obviously edits) of them tipping the Iceberg, and it something about this rumour has been posted on nearly every Club Penguin blog ever created. As of today, it is not possible to tip the Iceberg. However, several years ago in the Club Penguin Times, Aunt Arctic said to keep trying, and one day it might happen. Today while watching the Behind the Scenes at Club Penguin video, I noticed something when the video first began. When Billybob was signing into the EPF Computer and finding the Club Penguin office, there were 3 choices he could have picked: Herbert, Puffles, or... Tip Iceberg! Don't believe me? Take a look:
Since this is a source given to us by Club Penguin, I can only believe that they are currently working on making it possible to tip the Iceberg! I wonder what this is all about? Do you think we'll be able to tip the Iceberg in the near future? Leave a comment and let me know!

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oh and above the 3 choices there is something in secret agent code and i decoded it and it says.... filter. im not sure if it means anything but there might be...