The Great Snow Race Cheats

Today Club Penguin has released a brand new party... The Great Snow Race! To begin this cool new party, go to the Ski Village. You will see a large entrance that says "The Great Snow Race"! Walk through and you will be at the beginning of the race.
As you can see, there is a supply booth in the  beginning of the climb. You do not need to purchase any of these supplies, but you can if you want to!
Once you have purchased all of your desired supplies, let's begin the climb to the mountain top! Walk past the "Half Pipe" sign.
Once you enter the next room, you will see a large space of ice. Slide along it until you reach the icicles. Now, click on all the icicles, in any random order, and they will slide out of your way!
Once your path has been cleared, walk through the space of where the icicles used to be. You will find yourself in a new room!
Walk up the hill above the "Sled Race At Top" sign, and you will be in the next room... With another challenge!
Your challenge here is to build a bridge to the top of the mountain! To do this, you must first click the leafy thing in the left corner. Swipe it back and forth by clicking on it, to clear the snow off the ax!
Once the ax has been freed from the snow, click on it. Then, click it several more times to chop the wood!
Eventually the log will fall on top of the ice slab. Now, throw snowballs at the icicles above the ice slab!
The icicles will fall on to the ice, causing the log to do the impossible and fly into the hole, making a perfect bridge!
Walk over the log bridge, and you will appear in the final room of the Great Snow Race!
Oh look! There is a free item in this room... The Alpine Helmet!
Congratulations, you have completed the Great Snow Race! Now, go enjoy the huge awesome game of Sled Racing on the top of the mountain! What did you think of this party? Let me know!


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