New Club Penguin Times Issue #302

Hello Penguins! June17 here!

Today, the Club Penguin Times has released their 302 issue. Along with the newspaper, the new Penguin Style catalog is has arrived. Anyway, this week's topics seem very interesting, which are: "The Great Snow Race Announced!" and "Epic Extreme Sports Igloos!"

Well, this month's party has been announced! Gary is excited to announce that "The Great Snow Race" is gonna this month's party. This is very exciting news for sports fans around the island! But one question is, why would Gary throw an extreme sports party. Isn't Gary more the indoors type? He even says he loves sports(Which I doubt xD). Hmm, if you look at the back, you can see footprints and Klutzy! Is the EPF involved in this? Will the rumors about the blackout be true? Time will tell! Party starts in August 25th!
Starting August 11, sports fans will be able to build extreme sports igloos! One snowboarder said she is building an indoor ramp to practice for the "The Great Snow Race". Make sure to check out the extreme igloo gear in August 11!Now the part we've all been waiting for, the upcoming events! Can't read them? Here they are:

Now: Extreme Snow Gear at Gift Shop

August 11: Better Igloos Catalog

August 18: Party Construction and Team Blue vs. Team Red at the Stage
Well, that is it! What do you think? Will the blackout occur during the Great Snow Race? Will we face Herbert once again? Tell us in the comments!

-June17, Club Penguin Agents Author

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