Operation Hibernation Ultimate Walkthrough!

Hello penguins - Especially agents! Today, along with the Great Snow Race, Club Penguin has released Operation Hibernation for EPF Agents. This is the biggest plan in Club Penguin's history, so pay attention so nothing goes wrong!

Operation Hibernation is very complicated... So, to show you every little bit of the mission, I decided to make my guide in a video! Here is the Operation Hibernation cheats video:

I hope that this guide had helped you complete Operation Hibernation... The island is now safe from Herbert, for now! I wonder what the EPF's next plan will be? I wonder how mad and surprised Herbert will be when he wakes up?



Tim250 said...

Hey Slidoo! While playing today I noticed it looks like CP updated its lok! Once you push play now, up the top it looks all different, and the membership page is all blue now! Im not sure if this is just my computer, but it looks pretty cool and it would be a good thing to post about! :P

Sunbunny1 said...

Hahaha..... TAKE THAT POLAR BEAR!!!!!