Club Penguin - Island Adventure 2011 Recap: Rockhopper!

Hey penguins! I truly apologize for not posting in a while. But today, while browsing through Club Penguin's Youtube I came across a new video! This video is a recap of the Island Adventure party with Rockhopper! This new video is very cool. And here it is!

I really like this video. It's awesome seeing Rockhopper around Club Penguin with his penguin friends...haha. I would like more videos like this. Would you? Why not drop us a comment and let us know!


Anonymous said...

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Alfred9806 said...

I met Rockhopper, seriously! I first met him at the Migrator! I was at the Ship Hold yelling,"WE WANT ROCKHOPPER", then it came true! Rockhopper IS ONLINE! I recorded him, but the copy of the video was missing, so too bad. I wanted to send the video to Youtube, though.