The Amateur Club Penguin Blogging Awards!

Click here to vote for the winners of each category!

If some of you have known me long enough, you might know that I used to have a Club Penguin Blog Awards website, which was updated every month with Club Penguin blogging awards! I closed the blog when I got too busy to host it anymore...

In the past 2 months, many penguins have hosted blog awards. I saw a lot of penguins complaining that it was unfair because all the big name bloggers won and didn't give anybody else a chance! I sort of agreed... So I made these awards! The Amateur Blogging Awards are not really for amateurs... But for people with UNDER 300,000 hits on their blog! That means we're recognizing bloggers who aren't very well known yet! Woot!
Just like in any other blogging awards, there are multiple categories. The categories for these awards are...

1. Blog with the best graphics
2. Blog with the best template/theme
3. Blog with the best grammar
4. Blog with the most helpful blog (guides and pages)
5. Blog with the most helpful, best posts
6. The BEST amateur blog!

Sign ups are now closed! Each winner will receive an advertisement for THEIR website on Club Penguin Agents for 1 month, and a buddy add from Slidoo if they want one!

If you've made it into the voting stages, you may want to add this banner to your blog to convince others to vote for you!
Click here for the code!
So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and sign up YOUR blog for the Club Penguin Amateur Blogging Awards 2011!



Timmy6118 said...
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Slidoo said...

Timmy, what 1-3 categories would you like to enter?

Poonchee said...

Hits: 3064
Categories: Blog with the Best Grammar, Blog with the most helpful/best posts, and the BEST amateur blog
Penguin Name: Poonchee

HDNinja said...

Hits: 147
Penguin name: Lizardmonkey
I am going for the category's "Best Graphics" and "Best Grammar"

Timmy6118 said...

1. Best Graphics
2. Best Grammar
3. Best template/theme

Wwerocks88 said...

Penguin Name: Wwerocks88
Email: dtgcpcp@gmail
Hits: 25,968
Categories: "Blog with best graphics" and "Blog with the most helpful blog (guides and pages)"

Jordanisaac1 said... over 50k hits.Best graphics best blog

Foshizzel01 said...

Hits: 52k
Category: Best Graphics

Chris Glen said...

Name: Chris Glen
Hits: 190
I would like to compete for:
1. Best Graphics
2. Best Grammar
3. Best Template/Theme

Jerry 36924 said...

Name: Jerry 36924

Number of hits: 8,855



Categories I would like to enter:
1. 5 best posts
2. 6 best amateur blog.

Gamecube3d said...

Name: Splash Drew and Gamecube3d



Id like to enter blog with best theme/template, blog with best grammar, and Best Amateur blog!

Je45rry said...

Penguin name: Je45rry
Hits: 15,751
Categories: "Blog most helpful: best posts" and "Best Amateur Blog"
I would like to enter because of my large posts, and my science fiction and terror stories I write and post in my blog. If you want to read them, they are in my label "CPI Stories" Thanks slidoo!

Catdogfishy said...
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Josh29 said...

E-mail -
Blog URL -
Number of hits - 204,000
Categories - 3, 5, and 6.
Penguin Name - Josh29

Toogood said...

Penguin Name: Toogood
Blog URL:
Hits: 10,000
Categories: Best graphics, best grammar, best amateur blog.

Sled said...

Blog URL:
Number of hits 35,546
Categories: Blog with the most helpful, best posts.

Poppop99946 said...

Penguin Name: Poppop99946
Hits: 412345
Categories: Blog with best graphics
Most helpful blog
Blog with best grammar

Sail Bud said...

Penguin Name: Sail Bud
Blog URL:
Hits: 150,000
Categories: Best Grapics, Best Grammer, Best Template.
Thanks for reading Slidoo bye!

A11766 said...

Blog URL:
Hits: 210675 (on 21st August)
Categories: 4,5 and 6
Name: A11766

Mr Einstein4 said...
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Pepperpeople said...

Penguin name: Pepperpeople
URL: Http://
Hits: 385
Categories: Best amateur blog, best grammar and best posts.

Milos Curcic said...

Blog URL:
Categories:Best graphic,best amateur blog and most hepful blog (guides and pages)
Penguin name: Milos6684

1candy0 said...

Penguin Name: 1candy0
Hits: 5, 231
Categories: Blog with the best grammar, The best template/theme, The blog with the most helpful, best, posts.

Dino Boy7 said...

Penguin Name: Dino Boy7
Hits: 16,545
Categories: Blog with the most helpful blog, The BEST amateur blog! Blog with the best grammar.

Buffy said...

Penguin name: Buffy1011
Hits: 32,761
Categories: Blog with the best graphics,
Blog with the best template/theme
Good luck to everyone who entered! xD

Shirtisred said...

Asphodel said...

Awww... I remember that old site:) Still following it, IDK why (lol). I'll definitely vote, and maybe someday enter!(If i go back to cp blogging, for now im blogging about everything else)

Anonymous said...

Penguin Name: Mr Yf
Hits: 105,000+
Categories: Best Graphics , Best Theme and The Best Amateur blog.

Elite Force said...

Penguin Name: Puffle3457
Categories: Best Amateur, Best Template/Theme, Best Grammar

Thanks Slidoo! You are awesome!


Twinkle17665 said...

Penguin name: Twinkle17665
Hits: 1,293

Categories: Best Graphics, Best Amateur blog and the best Grammar.

Anonymous said...

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Milos Curcic said...

Hey i comment this where is my comment

Milos Curcic said...

oh sorry i now see it

Tim250 said...

Hey SLidoo!
and catorgories:
best amatuer blog
template and theme
and best graphics... Thx SLider :D
hits: 2672
~Tim250 (my google/blogger account doesn't work on these type of comment sections..)

Tim250 said...

and email:

Hyperace said...

Name: Hyperace
Catagory: Best Amateur Blog!

cold dude234 said...

catogries: graphics,helpful-most posts.
penguin name:Cold dude234

Mr Einstein4 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SNR | Vongxm said...

Name: Vongxm
Hits: 7,513
Categories: 3 and 6!


Mariobros980 said...

blog url:
Category: Best Graphics, Best Amateur Blog and Grammar
Hits (at this moment): 5,880

Mariobros980 said...

Oh, and penguin name: Mariobros980

Arbereshi said...


blog url:

Category: Best Grammar,Best Amateur Blog,Best Thenme

Hits:1270,(do not look at the counter at the begging I posted it very late after I did my blog)

Penguin name: Arbereshi

Bray 10 Pen said...



Categories: Best Template/Theme, Most Helpful Blog, BEST amateur blog!

Hits: 3600 (rounded)

Penguin Name: Bray 10 Pen

Boba 126 said...

Categories: Blog with Best Grammar and Best Amateur Blog
Hits: 3500
Penguin Name: Boba 126

Refri said...

Categories: 1, 5, 6
Hits: 370 (just opened)
Penguin: Refri

Thunder2135 said...

Categories: 1 and 6.
Hits: Currently at 16275.
Penguin: Thunder2135

Ceaigfire81 said...

Categories: 3 and 6
Hits: 146
Penguin: Ceaigfire81

Mr Einstein4 said...

sorry,the e-mail
here are the informations
Penguin Name:Mr Einstein4
Blog URL:
(Use with the translate)

Duckiees said...

Email :
Blog :
Penguin Name : Duckiees
Hits: 10,572
Categories : 1,2,6

Good Luck to everyone else :D