More Exclusives!

Wow! After finding the Iceberg tipping exclusive, I watched the video over again because I had heard my friend Cheda1234 talking about some sort of map to Rockhopper Island! I saw what he meant... and in fact, I noticed 2 more awesome things too! Take a look:
The first one says "Rockhopper Island Map"! What!? Rockhopper Island? Wow! And.. a map? Maybe we'll soon be able to visit Rockhopper Island, as a second part of Club Penguin! The third one says "The Director's Identity"... Is Club Penguin planning on telling us who the Director is? Do you think we'll be right about it being Aunt Arctic?... The final one says "Under the Iceberg"... This must be what's under the Iceberg! Maybe we'll find out when we tip it? This is all too cool! What are your thoughts?


Asphodel said...

Hey Slidoo! Its Asphodel(Della) aka Lemon. I made a site for CP parties and contests. The link is and I was hoping you could help spread the world. Thx!!!


Anonymous said...

lets hope its soon - number pengu on a different comp ;)

Dsungaripterus said...

Second one says, Puffle Abilitities